Random Notes:Neta’s pomp,reckless actor

By Tilak Rai Have you heard of Jackman Marak? I bet most of you haven’t. Well, I don’t blame you as he was a state minister in the late seventies. I guess most of you weren’t even born or were just toddlers. Well, why am I talking of a minister Read More

Random Notes:Babus fights & abduction

 By Tilak Rai Journalism was lots of fun and adventure in the pre-RTI and mobile phone era.  Bureaucracy was then the Great Wall of China, difficult to penetrate. Getting a government official to talk was like talking to the lifeless wall as the Official Secret Act provided them a refuge Read More

Of fabled knights, pouting lips & Bacchus

When Bengaluru and Shillong are reeling under the dark-cloud of sexual crimes, I chanced upon a video that every Indian man needs to watch. The video showed a black man punching a white man on the face inside a bus for trying to molest a girl. “Yo not gonna touché Read More