Nartiang is significant for its summer palace of the Jaintia King whose capital was Jaintiapur. The remnants of the summer palace is located on a hillock approximately two kilometers from the Nartiang market. The archway which can be seen to this day shows that they were well versed in the Read More

Thadlaskein Lake – 56 kms from Shillong

This captivatingly placid lake is a popular picnic resort. According to tradition, one chieftain Sajar Nangli had an irreconcilable difference with the King of Jaintiapur. Not wanting to be blamed for an inevitable bloodbath he decided to flee from the kingdom with his followers. Before his departure, however, they dug Read More

Syntu Ksiar – 64 kms from Shillong.

Flower of Gold or literally ‘golden flower’, is a vast stretch of the river bank of Myntdu river where people usually go for picnics and angling, in the vicinity of Jowai, encircling two-third of the Jowai township.

Tyrshi Falls – 5 kms from Jowai

Tyrshi Falls on the Shillong-Jowai road (NH-44) is Jowai’s answer to Shillong’s Elephant Falls. A pretty arch bridge connects across and expanse of green paddy fields, which opens up to the gushing Tyrshi falls thundering down to the Pynthor (paddy-field) below. A winding footpath offers a breathtaking and panoramic view Read More

Kiang Nongbah Monument

Located on the banks of Syntu Ksiar, alongside the river Myntdu, is a vast field known as Madiah Kmai Blai. At the centre of this field stands the elegant Kiang Nongbah Monument, a hollow tower-like structure of typical Jaintia design, erected by the Jaintia people in honour of U Kiang Read More

Dawki – 95 kms from Shillong

Passing through deep gorges and ravines, the drive from Shillong to the International trade route border town Dawki, is certainly a thrilling experience. On approaching Dawki is the Umngot river, the venue of the annual boat race held in March-April at Umsyiem. The Umngot river is the natural boundary between Read More

Tura Peak

At a height of 872 mts above sea level overlooking the town of Tura stands Tura Peak. Local legend has it that the peak is a sacred shelter or abode to the ‘Gods’. The Tura range has been declared a reserve forest with an observatory, a Cinchona plantation and a Read More

Simsang River

Simsang river starts from Nokrek peak and runs towards the east, passing through Rongrengiri, Williamnagar, the headquarters of East Garo Hills District, Nongalbibra, Siju Rewak and finally Baghmara, the headquarters of South Garo Hills District. Simsang river is known as Someshwari when it enters Bangladesh. This is the only river Read More