The Goera Pattal Lake

Situated at the summit of a hill within the Siju Wildlife Sanctuary this lake is a paradise for avifauna, and attracts migratory birds during winter. Goera Pattal is of mythological importance for the local Garo people. Goera is the god of lightening and Pattal means a stony flat ground. According Read More


Situated at a height of about 2000 ft Balpakram is enmeshed in folklore, legend, myths, culture and beliefs of the Garo people. Known as ‘land’ of perpetual winds, it occupies a place of honour in Garo mythology. It is believe dto be inhabited by the spirits of the departed ancestors Read More

Stone formations at Mrik Wari

There are several magnificent rock formations on the banks of river Simsang at a place called Mrik Wari. Some of the formations depict the shape of a baby elephant and its mother. According to legend the elephants turned into stones after drinking the water from the river at daybreak. There Read More

Naka Chikong

Fifteen kms from Dhupdhara, is a big rock with deep hollows, in  the middle of Ildek river in Badaka village just 3 kms from Adokgre. This big rock is mythologically believed to be swarming with fish, and there is a belief that if any one inadvertently touches the big rock Read More

Mande Burung (Jungle Man)

The Garos believe that an elusive Mande Burung or Jungle Man roams the forests of Garo Hills just like Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti and others in different parts of the world. Documentation on this has been done on a large scale with recent visits of correspondents from the BBC news channel, Read More

U Tirot Sing Cave

A legendary Khasi patriot U Tirot Sing was the great king of Hima Nongkhlaw, West Khasi Hills District. He spear-headed a revolution against the British rule and died in prison in Dhaka as a political captive of the British. It is stated that his final words were that he would Read More

Kyllang Rock (Mairang) and Symper Rock

A massive dome shaped single rock of granite locally called Lum Kyllang is situated 12 kms from Mairang. It has a girth of more than 1000 ft and stands tall at a height of 5400 ft above sea level. It is believed to have magnetic powers as it is said Read More

Noh Ka Likai Falls

Ka Likai is one of the most heartbreaking legends you will hear. Likai was a young widow in the ancient village of Rangjyrteh located on the hills overlooking a powerful, surging waterfall. Likai’s life was full of hardship. Her parents died when she was a little girl and soon after Read More