Khoh Ramhah or Maw Trop

This giant natural rock formation resembles a huge upturned conical Khasi basket. According to legend the fossilized stone basket belonged to an evil giant who troubled the people through his greed and unsocial behaviour. In order to get rid of him, the people offered him a meal mixed with sharp Read More

U Lum Shyllong

Shillong derives its name from the Shillong Peak, 1,965 mts above sea level. It is the highest point in Meghalaya overlooking Shillong city. There are many legends and myths surrounding the name of Shillong. According to one, the city got its name from a mythical youth, U Shyllong, a supernatural Read More

Lum Sohpetbneng

Literally the ‘Navel of Heaven’ it is a place of pilgrimage for the Khasi people. Legend has it that on this spot a golden ladder connected Heaven and Earth, God and Man. This ladder was used by the sixteen huts and nest, to which the Khasi people belong, to go Read More

U Diengiei

According to legend it is believed that God displeased with mankind’s disobedience planted an oak tree which grew day by day to monstrous heights and widths overshadowing whole portions of earth. This tree of gloom Dieng Iei made standing crops wilt, threatening to destroy all plant life as well as Read More


Located about 29 kms from Jowai, the village was once the Summer Capital of Jaintiapur kings which also include Sylhet (under Bangladesh now). This village is famous for the largest collection of monoliths in the state erected by the lieutenants of Jaintiapur king and the inhabitants of Nartiang between 1500AD Read More

Durga & Shiva Temple, Nartiang

The temple of the Hindu goddess, Durga was constructed by the Jaintia king on conversion to Hinduism. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple was earlier connected by a steep tunnel with river Myntang which flows just below the hill of which the temple stand. Human sacrifice was offered each year Read More

Thlumuwi Stone Bridge

Located 16kms off the Jowai-Amlarem-Dawki road at a place called Thlumuwi, the stone bridge was built by U Mar Phalangki and U Luh Lyngskor Lamare under the order of the Jaintia King. Traditions had it that when the Jaintia king shifted his Summer Capital to Nartiang, he entrusted his lieutenants Read More

Rupasor Bathing Ghat

Located within Syndai village (50kms from Jowai) on the Jowai-Muktapur-Dawki road, the Rupasor Bathing Ghat consists of a beautiful bathing pool hewn out of rock which forms the bed of Rupasor stream. Tradition had it that this pool was created by U Mar Phalangki and U Luh Lyngskor Lamare under Read More