CM hits back at former Congress ministers for frequenting Kolkata

SHILLONG, DEC 6: Chief Minister Mukul Sangma today hit back at former Congress ministers turned rebellion and questioned their motives for visiting Kolkata frequently.

“The post of a minister is a very responsible post it is not for someone to go Shillong to Kolkata and Kolkata to Shillong. You find out, you do RTI of these ministers how many times they have been travelling to Kolkata what job they have in Kolkata?,” Sangma told reporters here on Wednesday.

“You look at the travelling of Prestone Tynsong and all you find out. How many times they have travel to Kolkata. Who is there in Kolkata waiting for them?” he said while reacting to the recent resignation of Comingone Ymbon as cabinet minister.

He said the post of minister is vested with responsibility which is associated with the future of the state, the future of the people, their children and their grand children.

Stating it’s not a simple thing, it’s a serious business, Sangma said, “Therefore if a chief minister does not understand the seriousness of this business the state will go to the dogs and I will not allow as a person when I am holding that responsible post of a chief minister to allow my state to go to the dogs, I love my people, I love my children and I love my grand children, I love my generation next so also you.”

Whether he has already anticipated the move of Ymbon, he claimed that as a chief minister, he knows what is happening and who is doing what.

However stating that providing opportunity is also his responsibility, Sangma said, “If somebody is perceived to be aggrieved may be an opportunity to serve the people from a position which is considered as a better position to serve the people may ultimately enabling him to realize his potentiality and his value.”

According to him, a job of a minister looking after different departments is link to issues which has ramification on the future of the state and is related to the larger good of the people.

“So what is good for the people and what can actually be seen as a larger good is more important than something which is linked to individual,” he added.

Asked if he regretted for inducting Ymbon in his cabinet, Sangma said, “Why will I regret if I don’t induct him people will say because he did not induct him that is why he has left. Now people know that he was given an opportunity also, he was given a platform also, he was given all that he wanted but still he left. So I’ve done my job.”

Ymbon, who was earlier in-charge of power, C&RD and GAD, had alleged that the reason for his resignation was due to the style of functioning of the chief minister. He had also alleged the chief minister had convened a meeting of the power department without informing him as a minister.

Denying that he is autocratic in his functioning, Sangma said that the meeting was convened as per procedure which when ministers are not in station, the files of urgent in nature are put up to the chief minister.

“If you are a minister, if you are not available, the decision cannot wait, the procedure is that the file noting will be written “minister on tour” then put up to the chief minister that is the procedure. We don’t wait for people who don’t come and attend office,” he said.

According to him, the office of a minister is a very important office, it’s an office of a decision maker or policy maker and that the larger good of the people “has to be seen”.

“What is the situation of power now tell me is it not bleeding? Have the government not paid so much of money when the MeECL requires money, when the minister is not there should I not call a meeting?” he asked.

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