Congress is communalizing the election: Kohli

BJP ShillongSHILLONG, FEB 13: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today charged the ruling Congress of communalizing the elections and use of unacceptable languages out of ‘desperation and panic’.

“I am charging the Congress party for trying to communalize this election and trying to force the churches into politics which is very unfortunate,” BJP national spokesman Nalin Kohli told journalists here on Tuesday.

He was reacting to the statement made by the Congress national spokesman Tom Vaddakan, who referred the political parties which are allegedly supporting the BJP as “Judas in operation”.

Vaddakan had also accused these political parties (without naming anyone) for selling their souls and that their bodies are on sale adding “These are the people who have compromised with the devil because of power.”

Condemning such statements, Kohli said a direct question to the chief minister, congress party and national leaders is 19 governments are there of the BJP single or in coalition, does that means they are surrendering and surrendering for what?.

“They (Congress) keep on saying divisive force, But Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, every community has voted and is voting for the BJP that is why we have 19 governments. Have they sold their souls and bodies to the devil? Is this how you treat the voters?” he asked.

Charging the Congress of creating a negative campaign, Kohli said that the Congress is communalizing this election just to run away from its shameful track record and is avoiding to answering the charges in the chargesheet filed by the BJP recently.

“Why is the Congress party running away from answering the specific charges in the chargesheet. Why are there potholes instead of potholes in Meghalaya, why is there no electricity, why do the youth do not have jobs, why could they not bring the mining and mining policy back on track, why are schools without teachers, why are hospitals without doctors when we have chief minister as a doctor, why are there disputes everywhere no development and only scams,” he said.

“The Congress is using divisive agenda because they are running away from their track record and their scams. They are trying to force these agendas and are spreading lies with regards to eating habits but we have always said political parties don’t decide what people of an area what food they have or what clothes they were that is to be decided by the people of an area,” he added.

He said that the Congress is unable to answer the scams against it and unable to say why they have not kept promises made 15 years in Meghalaya.

“If the people are making up their mind to vote for the BJP for Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas and development as they have done in 19 states now is that a divisive agenda, is that surrender?” Kohli said while urging the Congress to refrain from use of such negative languages.

Further slamming the Congress for using the word ‘Judas in operation’, the BJP leader said, “We have a confused Congress spokesperson who, should visit some senior pastors or reverend and must read the Bible properly.”

Denying that the BJP has links with other political parties in the state, Kohli said that the BJP is contesting many seats against the NPP, UDP, Congress and other political parties.

He pointed out that in Raliang, the UDP candidate’s brother was involved in a scuffle and an FIR has been filed against him by BJP’s party workers, while many NPP leaders are joining BJP in Garo Hills and asked “Is that supporting each other”.

“If the Congress sees this as a hidden plan and links it to the Bible then I think the Congress party needs some serious help and the language surrender their soul, God this kind of language shows the desperation of the Congress party and panic in the Congress party,” he stated.

On the allegation that BJP is anti-Christian,  he said is the Congress saying the Christians who are in good number in Goa are anti-Christian for voting the BJP.

“Are you saying the BJP ministers who are Christians whether in Goa, Manipur and Christian voters are anti-Christians. Our agenda is Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas and the Constitution which does not distinguish anyone,” he added.

It may be mentioned that the BJP is fielding candidates in 47 out of 60 seats for the February 27 Assembly polls.

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