Do not allow “devils” to vitiate the environment: CM

SHILLONG, DEC 6: Chief Minister Mukul Sangma today urged the people of the state not to allow “devils” to withhold blessings from coming to the state.

“This is a blessed state, do not allow devils to vitiate the environment because when devils vitiate the environment, blessings do not come,” Sangma said while addressing the foundation stone laying ceremony of a medical college here.

Citing from the scriptures, he said, “Blessings get withheld and blessings will get withhold if you allow devils to vitiate the environment so let this blessed state and people be not subjected to become victims of devils.”

He was referring to the challenges faced by the government since 2013 which have diverted its focus instead of bringing more development to the state and its people.

Sangma also said that he is seeing that there are people who want to “breed the seed of hatred” and nothing else.

“If somebody is breeding the seed of hatred whose agents they are? Are they going to do good to mankind?,” he asked.

Referring to issues including inner line permit (ILP), he said now again, it is seen some people are talking about ILP, which have been discussed and resolved to at-least address it in the right manner.

“We have already embarked upon all initiatives to deal with ILP related challenges. But somebody is trying to weeping up this again,” he said while reminding that the larger good of the state is the most important agenda.

“I share with deep pain in my heart that in this state every time that people have tried to engaged in futile activities by diverting and vitiating the environment people and state have suffered,” Sangma added.

Meanwhile, the chief minister also stated that there is a dangerous trend with forces who are dividing the Khasi and Jaintia communities on the basis of “faith”.

“This is what is happening in the entire country and it has infiltrated in Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills and it is more in Jaintia Hills. These forces are aggressively working 24X7 by invoking negative forces to divide our people,” he said.

He also lamented that how people who are claiming to love the nation and the state afford to divide the people when uniting the people is the biggest and toughest job.

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