Dymbur: Birth Of A New Band

February 2012 saw the birth of a new band. They call themselves “Dymbur”. Consisting of Gary on drums, Cornelius on guitars, Neil on vocals, Mayson on bass and vanderberg on guitars the band’s inspiration comes from the likes of  Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, and and many more.

Being a technical death-core band you can judge for yourself from the band’s first demo “Cries of Havoc”.  Technical to the core!!!  Initially Dymbur was a side project band of Gary’s and Cornelius, as Cornelius was the founding member of the band Blurred Haze and like many other bands it was inevitable that problems would cropped up and it did with Blurred Haze, that’s when Cornelius called it quits and made Dymbur a full-fledged band.

Talking about individual influences Neil cited Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Ronnie Canizaro of Born of Osiris, Mitch Lucker of Sucide Silence and Joseph Duplantier of Gojira as his influence. Gary said, “The psycho” as the band members calls him,  has been influenced by Black Metal stuff like Dimmu Borgir, Gorgoroth ,Cradle of filth, and also bands like slipknot, Veil of Maya. etc……

Vandenberg is more into metalcore stuff like Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, The Black Dahlia murder, As I lay Dying etc.  Cornelius is influenced by Jimmy Page, John Petrucci, Herman lee, Lee Mckinney, Marc Okobo, ….. and is also into classical stuff like Beethoven, Bach etc. and Mayson(Bass) is more into Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, Vile, Cerebral Bore, Dawn of Demise, Etc…. and mostly influenced by Alex Webster, Sean Beasley n Linus Klausenitzer…

The band’s first gig was at the Hammerfest 2012. This is what they have to say about the fes ,“We’ve learnt a lot after Hammerfest… the experience out there was very memorable, the Bands , the organisers….. everything  was as we expected. Competing along with bands like Day69, Judas Ancestry, Anno Domini etc… has taught us lots….  “

When asked what’s the plan for the rest of the year? They said ,” Lets’ see where it goes too… we are ready to push ourselves into anything that comes in our way…and  we’re hoping to perform at more gigs and competitions. But right now we’re in the process of recording our second original… and we’re gonna release it soon and we promise its gonna be a complex Technical Piece. All we need is support from all our friends and fans. – By Ajoy Lanong

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    \m/ Awesum guys…… Hope 2 see a gig soonn… \m/

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