HSPDP divided over Fenela’s termination

HSPDP founding president Hopingstone Lyngdoh with his niece and party member Fenela Lyngdoh Nonglait who supported UDP MP candidate Paul Lyngdoh.-Pix by WT Lytan

HSPDP founding president Hopingstone Lyngdoh with his niece and party member Fenela Lyngdoh Nonglait who supported UDP MP candidate Paul Lyngdoh.-Pix by WT Lytan

SHILLONG, APR 10: The division within the Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) over the decision to terminate Fenela Lyngdoh Nonglait, niece of the party’s supremo Hopingstone Lyngdoh, from the party membership for supporting United Democratic Party (UDP) MP nominee Paul Lyngdoh became apparent with the veteran party leader saying he was not aware about it and the decision did not have his approval.

The HSPDP had decided to support Independent candidate PBM Basaiawmoit instead of Paul Lyngdoh, whose party is part of the North East Regional Forum,  as its party vice president Ardent Basaiawmoit had publicly stated that the UDP candidate would lose the elections.

However much to the surprise of not only the HSPDP members but also political circles in the state, Hopingstone’s niece Fenela Lyngdoh attended the last public meeting of Paul at Mothpran and openly supported him for the Shillong Lok Sabha elections that concluded on Tuesday.

As a fallout of the support to Paul, the HSPDP Mawthadraishan and West Khasi Hills District unit terminate the membership of Fenela Lyngdoh Nonglait for anti-party activity

But HSPFP president Hopingstone Lyngdoh surprise many as he came to the support of his niece by saying he was unaware about the decision taken to terminate the primary membership of Fenela.

The senior Lyngdoh told reporters on Wednesday, “I am not unaware of such decision.”  He also said as the party’s head he was never informed about the decision by HSPDP West Khasi Hills  and Mawthadraishan units.

Lyngdoh thundered, “The decision (to terminate) therefore stands null and void since it is not a decision taken by HSPDP high command.”

Hinting that he also came to know about Fenela’s support to Paul through the media, the senior Lyngdoh however came out in support of his niece and said,  “To extend support to all the regional parties of the north east is a good thing to do because I also I am support them.”

Lyngdoh, however, chose to stave of rumours about the division in the party saying, “On this particular misunderstanding, an emergent central executive committee (CEC) meeting will be convened to resolve the entire matter.”

Meanwhile, Mawthadraishan unit secretary Rosterlin Kharlait informed that even the party unit was not aware of the decision to terminate Fenela and added that surprisingly the letter of termination was never issued by him but by one Cros Ryntathiang, a former secretary of the constituency who was in charge during the last MLA election.

Kharlait said that the party cannot accept this decision (termination) as majority of the members were never informed about it and, secondly, the party has not issued any diktat prohibiting members from supporting others other than PBM Basaiawmoit.- By Our Reporter



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  1. shian says:

    Terminating Fenela in a hurry is not a good sign. In my opinion, the way she lends support to Paul is unwelcome. She might give her support to him but not in that way. This type of drama is ridiculous.

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