NPP is team-B of BJP

SHILLONG, JAN 11: The All India Mahila Congress (AIMC) chief Sushmita Dev today accused the National People’s Party (NPP) national president Conrad K Sangma for his role in facilitating the entry of the Bharat Janata Party in Meghalaya.

“The NPP is the team-B of the BJP and it will be extremely unfortunate if a young representative like Conrad Sangma actually facilitates the entry of a communal and fascist party like BJP into the state of Meghalaya,” Dev told reporters here on Thursday.

Dev, who also an MP from Silchar, Assam, said that therefore voting for the NPP in the upcoming Assembly polls will mean voting for BJP and the RSS.

“If Conrad plays a role in bringing the saffron party to Meghalaya, it will be a shame to his legacy and it will be a disaster for the state of Meghalaya. If he is the true son of the soil of Meghalaya, he should fight the saffron power but instead he is joining hands with a communal force like the BJP,” she stated.

Accusing the Tura MP of betraying the trust of the people of Meghalaya, the AIMC chief alleged that she is sure that Conrad will joins hand with the BJP as he has done it in Manipur where he had helped the BJP to form the government there.

“He has acted in the most optimistic way and he is bound to do it again in Meghalaya,” she said while urging the party’s mahilas to go for door to door campaign because if BJP is making inroads in the state it will be the beginning of the end of the peace & prosperity.

Asked, Dev however expressed confidence that the BJP will not succeed in Meghalaya since the Congress will fight in a united way to stop the communal party.

“Its design in Meghalaya will not succeed because the entire politics of the BJP is to divide communities and it is to create unrest which they have done it all over India,” she said adding “The Congress party will fight in a united way to stop the BJP to come and disturb the peace and good development work that is going on in Meghalaya.”

According to her, the Congress believes in development but the BJP believes in instigating the people and one community against the other.

“Meghalaya has Christians and non-Christians, Hindus and they all live peacefully under the Congress rule and this will not happen when the BJP comes,” she said.

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