Runners bring laurel at Kolkata Marathon

One of the RUNMeghalaya runners who brought laurel to the state during the IDBI Kolkata Marathon

One of the RUNMeghalaya runners who brought laurel to the state during the IDBI Kolkata Marathon

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG, JAN 31: Once again runners of the RUNMeghalaya brought laurels to the state when Arbet Nonglang and Kedric Kharpor came first in the marathon for 35-45 years and 45-55 years old for me in the IDBI Kolkata Marathon held on January 29. This marathon is one of the most prestigious in the country and attracted 8000 runners across all races categories.

RUNMeghalaya in association with the PHE Department had sent a team of thirty-three (33) runners to participate in IDBI Kolkata Marathon.

Sachin Tendulkar was the face of the marathon and flagged off the Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K races. The RUNMeghalaya (RMA) team of 33 runners swept the field to secure 20 podium finishers for various categories.

Synsharlang Wahlang, a 17 year old runner from Mawkyrwat ran the 10k in 32mins which is race timing comparable to the Indian professional runners and RunMeghalaya will be monitoring his training to send him to the TCS World 10k to be held in Bangalore to compete with the elite runners from across the globe

Both Jomsingstar Ramsiej and Kyntimon Marwein also from Mawkyrwat ran the half marathon to secure the 2nd overall position in the male and female category.

RunMeghalaya has begun structured training for runners in Meghalaya for runners of all levels to build up the sport in the state with abundant natural talent. Participating and winning these national events build awareness and confidence amongst the runners and RMA is aiming that some of its runners will be able to compete at the highest level as early as next year.

The next event in the calendar is the IDBI New Delhi Marathon on the 26th of February where a team of four talented runners will be sent to complete in the full marathon.

The results of the podium finishers are as follows: 10K RACE
Synsharlang Wahlang – 32min38sec, 2nd Position Men Overall,

Dakahi Kyndait – 44min38sec, 2nd Position Women Overall,

Phyrnai Kyndait – 44min 35sec, 3nd Position Women Overall,

Damonbha Syiem – 1hr13min59sec, 3rd Position – 45 to 55 Women,

Clementina Lyngdoh  - 1hr 7min46sec,  3rd Position – 25 to 35 Women,

Jomsingstar Ramsiej – 1hr11min3sec, 2nd Position Men Overall,

Emphius Nongrum – 1hr13min32sec,  1st Position – 18 to 25 Men,

Shanbok Kongor – 1hr14min21sec,  2nd Position – 18 to 25 Men,

Kyrshanborlang – 1hr16min24sec,  3rd Position – 18 to 25 Men,

Manbha Ramsiej – 1hr20min9sec ,  2nd Position – 25 to 35 Men,

Okitlang Syiemlieh – 1hr22min26sec,  3rd Position – 25 to 35 Men,

Kyntimon Marwein – 1hr33min, 2nd Position Women Overall,

Dateibankynmaw Marwein – 1hr35min48sec, 3nd Position Women Overall,

Carolyne Lyngdoh –  2hr28min 9sec,  3rd Position – 45 to 55 Women,

MARATHON (42.195K)
Arbet Nonglang –3hr0min43sec, 1st Position – 35 to 45 Men,
Pynshngainlang Dkhar –3hr04min30sec,  2nd Position – 35 to 45 Men,
Badon Sing Tham –3hr08min25sec,  3rd Position – 35 to 45 Men,
Francis Lynghoi –3hr08min26sec,  2nd Position – 18 to 25 Men,
Kedric Kharpor –3hr26min55sec, 1st Position – 45 to 55 Men,
Ksanbor Kharmawphlang –  3hr32min53 sec, 2nd Position – 55+ Men


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