Symbolic Environment Day

Dear Editor,

Another year, another “Environment Day” and Shillong will witness a barrage of programme from symbolic to the holistic and all the way to the extravaganza. Discussion galore, unrelated performances and profligate lunches and dinners will dominate the day.

Call me sarcastic, complain box, radical or cynical but it is high time that actions should dominate our methods of so called ‘saving the environment’; we’ve had enough discussions and enough opinions of the intelligentsia on what to do in Shillong. Let us recycle clichés on taking action on global warming and other environmental issues. Think global yes but when will we act local.

Many programme have taken place during the last ten years, many solutions both local and international were suggested yet no actions were taken for reasons unknown. Some programme have apparently been running for a long time; or a project/program that only the elites participate and the grass-root who are affected by everything are either clueless and sometime are brought to the programme as audiences with slightest clue as to what they are suppose to do there.

Naturally these programmes burn more resources in a day than what eco friendly programme burn in a year. Oh let the wise see my finger pointed at them.

Of course at the end, I’m just a common citizen like everyone with no assurance that my voice will be heard on this “Environment Day” or that my factual opinion might be laughed off or land me in trouble. As this year’s theme suggests I plead to all concerned to raise your voice against environment degradation and also against such display of frivolous environment nicety that practically does not do any good to the already depleting environment.



through email

June 4, 2014


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