Association concern over manipulation of teer result by wealthy bookies

Shillong, Nov 29: Irked by the manipulation by the stewards (archer) who were getting paid from wealthy bookies to manipulate the teer numbers, the Hynniewtrep Archery Bookies Social and Cultural Association (HABSCA) secretary Dennis Lyngdoh said that the association will not accept such irregularities since it disrupts the whole operation of the system in the teer business.

Addressing a news conference Thursday, Lyngdoh said,  “The wealthy bookies manipulate the business by paying the stewards and getting them involved in the manipulating the result  of numbers during archery.”.

The stewards or archers are responsible for shooting the archery into a target and the number of arrors that are stuck are counted and accordingly the teer number are announced every year. The teer business in Meghalaya is a multi crore business and the HABSCA is peeved at what is going on as it felt that it is going to hurt the business.

Lyngdoh also mentioned that earlier such “making” of manipulation of numbers were done by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute (KHASI) but at present the manipulation is being done by some wealthy people.

Pointing to the irregularities  Lyndoh wondered as to how there are 2635 licenced teer counters in the state and only 208 teer counters that are operating in Shillong have no objection certificate from the Dorbar Shnong. He said there are people who are operating without the necessary NOC from the dorbar shnongs.

Informing that the the association has lodge a complaint with the deputy commissioner, Lyngdoh allege that the taxation department happily collect taxes from the teer counter but refuses to look into the irregularities. – By Our Reporter

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