Awareness on drug abuse

SHILLONG, JUNE 25:“Stop child trafficking!! It not only saves a child but also the nation. Put an end to it (Drugs), before it put an end to you!!!” – was one of the posters pasted by students at the walls of the Sadar Police Station. Students from over 30 educational Read More

Mobile tracker for EVMs

SHILLONG, JUNE 24: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has instructed the use of mobile technology for tracking of all Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) implemented during elections across the state. “As per instructions of ECI all the EVMs in the state are to immediately initiate stock taking using mobile technology,” Read More

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Another year, another “Environment Day” and Shillong will witness a barrage of programme from symbolic to the holistic and all the way to the extravaganza. Discussion galore, unrelated performances and profligate lunches and dinners will dominate the day. Call me sarcastic, complain box, radical or cynical but it is high time that actions should dominate our methods of Read More